About Our Firm

Big law expertise and experience with a personal touch

Bill Stoner and Fred GrannisStoner Grannis LLP combines large law firm experience, training and results with the personal relationships sophisticated clients expect with a boutique law firm. Our Los Angeles based practice focuses on business litigation, serious personal injury, intellectual property and employment law. As a team, William Stoner and Frederic Grannis have spent countless hours in a court seeking and obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients. Stoner Grannis LLP has the resources, experience and skill to obtain excellent results, even in the most complex litigation matters. We invite you to consider us when you need help related to your business, serious injury, or employment matter.

Lawyers are not fungible. Stoner Grannis LLP founding partners created the firm based on their belief that a fundamentally different legal practice could be created that better served the needs of clients looking for original solutions to complex and difficult legal challenges. Stoner Grannis LLP lawyers share common goals. We are entrepreneurial, unconventional and aggressive. We look for creative strategies to swiftly resolve commercial, employment and personal injury disputes very advantageously for our clients. Stoner Grannis LLP’s lawyers are trial lawyers and we like to try cases. Because our opponents know this, we are frequently able to settle cases more favorably for our clients.
We believe Stoner Grannis LLP has a different and better case evaluation perspective than of other firms. We share a view that in a world of increasing specialization, the most successful lawyers master their litigation specialty, but also draw from their experience handling a variety of cases. Stoner Grannis LLP lawyers have worked on both the plaintiff and defendant side of many different types of cases. Accordingly, we have seen a myriad of different commercial, employment and personal injury disputes from nearly every perspective.

Our Solutions

It is easy for a law firm to say it better serves its clients, but how does a firm demonstrate that fact? We think one way is to identify fundamental problems confronted by all clients in connection with the purchase and receipt of hourly rate legal services and then to develop innovative arrangements to eliminate those problems.
Nearly every client confronts two problems:

  • Many other law firms are highly leveraged—the partners make their money by having inexperienced associates work up their cases. The unavoidable incentive is to add more lawyers to a case rather than to try to understand how few are actually needed to successfully do the job. For a highly-leveraged firm, the incentive and opportunity for “over-lawyering” is often compelling. That will never happen to you at our firm. At Stoner Grannis LLP, we want to sell results to our clients, not associate hours. All Stoner Grannis LLP attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers who actively litigate our cases.
  • The compensation arrangements at leveraged law firms may not properly motivate lawyers to evaluate and to communicate with the client as a true economic partner. Too often, clients who pay by the hour at leveraged law firms are told one thing about the value of a case at the front end of a controversy and something far different immediately prior to trial, even though the facts have not materially changed. We believe that one contributing cause is that unless the evaluating lawyers bear some meaningful part of the risk of faulty analysis from the beginning, there is not enough emphasis, from the very start of a case, on being thorough and right from the beginning of the case. Stoner Grannis LLP is committed to evaluating cases as a an economic partner with our clients.

Stoner Grannis LLP tries to use our understanding of these problems to find solutions through the innovative and flexible contractual arrangements we offer to our clients.
We do not make money by leveraging associate hours. Our premium compensation prospects are tied to the result we create for our clients. We believe that experience and judgment are the key factors to favorable judicial outcomes.

Examples of significant successes generated by Stoner Grannis LLP founding partners include:

  • $52 million gross verdict for several investment funds who suffered financial losses due to the fraudulent sale of high yield securities
  • $5 million settlement against a building owner for injuries arising from a fall from a dangerous ladder
  • $1.78 million judgment against an internet directory