Employment Law

Employment Law

Our labor and employment practice involves over 30 years of extensive experience representing individuals with claims involving all types of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and/or wrongful termination occurring within the work place. Stoner Grannis LLP also has unique experience representing senior executives and management level employees in the negotiation and preparation of employment, compensation, separation and severance agreements.

Sexual Harrassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace has severe and debilitating consequences— missed work, an inability to concentrate, or fear for your personal safety. Our firm understands the serious nature of workplace harassment, and can help you receive full compensation for financial and emotional damages.

Wrongful Termination

If you feel you’ve been terminated because of discrimination or for retaliatory reasons, Stoner Grannis LLP can help you file a wrongful termination lawsuit against your former employer.


Whistleblowers are individuals who have uncovered corporate fraud or wrongdoing. Many times, whistleblowers are employees who have uncovered wrongdoing during the course of their duties and were wrongly fired as a result. Stoner Grannis LLP can help you recover damages from your former employer.

Qui Tam

If you’ve uncovered government wrongdoing, and were fired as a result, Stoner Grannis LLP can help you file a Qui Tam Lawsuit. Qui Tam is a type of lawsuit that whistleblowers can bring under the False Claims Act to recover funds from the government.


Sometimes when you report wrongdoing by another employee or your disclosure is positively received. Other times when you report something wrong, instead of addressing the troublesome issues you report, your employer terminates, demotes or discriminates against you. Stoner Grannis LLP can help employees who have been retaliated against.

Representative Case

President v. Entertainment Company Division: Represented the President of an entertainment company in a breach of employment contract case involving the company’s failure to pay six figure commissions and early termination of the contract. Mr. Stoner pursued causes of action for violations of Labor Code §203 and §218.5 and breach of the terms of the employment contract. Settlement terms, and the existence of the settlement itself, are strictly confidential.