What Can a Commercial Litigation Lawyer Do for My Business?

What Can a Commercial Litigation Lawyer Do for My Business?

Engaging in any business transaction without the advice of a commercial litigation lawyer is a calamitous event waiting to happen, especially when there is substantial financial risk involved.   A commercial litigation attorney will ensure that businesses are conducting themselves within the parameters of the law, such as abiding by the: UCC, labor and employment code, rules on intellectual property, and, highly likely, several other areas.

In a multi-faceted world, businesses should be able to rely on someone they can trust, whether your business is a corporation, partnership, Limited Liability Company, start-up, or you are engaging in a joint venture. A skilled commercial litigation lawyer will be a triple threat in that he/she can: 1) develop a Plan for your business, 2) Protect your business against unnecessary risks, and 3) help your business Prosper and Produce desirable outcomes.


A commercial litigation lawyer can help your business plan for success. This entails establishing the proper business entity, putting into a place a solid business operations scheme which will institute the business goals and mission, and carve out a system in which the business will run. It is during this time that a budget is designed reflecting projected costs/expenses and revenue. Essentially, a commercial litigation lawyer can help determine whether you have a coherent business idea in such a strained and complex commercial market. A proper and well thought out plan is the beginning of a successful business venture.


Familiarity with the various areas of laws that cross over in operating a business is certainly important to the success of a business. There are labor and employment issues, contract issues, anti-trust issues, and taxation issues, to name a few. An experienced commercial litigation lawyer can structure agreements in such a way as to minimize exposure to disagreements and litigation, saving money time, and resources. They can provide cost-effective dispute resolution which will ultimately provide peace of mind. They can anticipate issues and conflicts, and help avoid disruption in day to day operations. Understanding these potential problems and how they tend to rise will help protect businesses from exposure to unnecessary, time consuming and costly litigation.


A business will often rely on the advice of a commercial litigation lawyer to help grow its consumer base, provide quality control, and establish reputability in the industry. This could include giving sound investment advice, understanding the market in which the business operates and how changes could effect it, as well as knowledge in taxation (which could heavily impact business costs).

A commercial litigation lawyer will focus on all legal matters while ultimately allowing the business owner to focus on the functioning, growth, and productivity of the business. Legal issues can be very specialized and complex, which is why being able to rely on the expertise of a commercial litigation lawyer is important for the success of a business, no matter how small or large, nor how new or old. The law firm of Stoner Grannis LLP is highly experienced in commercial litigation and is standing by to discuss any questions you may have regarding efficient business practices and whether a commercial litigation attorney can be of assistance to your business.

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